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World-Bearing Cataclysm Blade

Cost:(+7m); Mins: Melee 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Dragon Blade Beneficence

The Dragon-Blood channels the surging elemental power of his anima through his blade, empowering it as a corporeal icon of his dominion over the elements and Creation. This Charm can be activated with Refining the Inner Blade, adding 7m to its activation cost. While that Charm is active, the Dragon-Blood’s anima radiates from the created or empowered weapon, not from his person.

Provided the character’s anima is burning at the 16+ mote level, the radiating elemental power of the weapon increases its damage by his Essence. If the character possesses an Overdrive pool, he gains one offensive mote to that pool each action while she is actively wielding the World-Bearing Cataclysm Blade. The character must be in battle to benefit from the one mote drip. He may only benefit from one drip from weaponry at a time.

Should the Terrestrial have need of power beyond this, he may unleash the searing power of his primal wrath. While his anima banner is flaring at the 16m+ level, he may choose to discharge this Charm through a single attack. Doing so doubles the damage bonus of the Charm, and the terrible gravity of the weapon draws enemies towards it, halving DVs applied against it. Those that suffer damage from this attack are blasted by the storm of dissipating elemental force, suffering effects identical to the Thrown Charm Hurricane Hand Gesture. Calling upon this power prematurely ends the Charm and resets the Terrestrial’s anima banner to the 0m level.

None of the benefits of World-Bearing Cataclysm Blade benefit its prerequisite’s Leader effects or weapons created or blessed for other characters.

DB Custom Charms

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