For five thousand years, the Infernals have guided Creation. We broke the spirits grip on humanity, and gave them the tools to fight back. Our trusted allies, the Sidereals, aided us well in this task, providing knowledge, teaching, and advice. With their aid, we fought the spirits to a standstill. The arrival of our bondsmates, the Lunars, let us drive the spirits back to the edges of the world. After that, humanity could proudly claim to be the rules of the world.

We weren’t perfect in that attempt. We made mistakes. Monsters gained power they should not. Threats were ignored that should have been dealt with. And we have been arrogant far too often. But we guided the mortals to a better world than any ruled by the so called ‘gods’ could ever be. And now they are in retreat, or subservient. The invention of the Dragon Bloods, and more recently, the Alchemicals, has only made their defeat more assured. Humanity would have assuredly become the undisputed rulers of the world.

That future is no longer assured.

The Solar Exaltations, created for a long ago war and sealed when they were no longer needed, have been released upon the world. Who did it and why is unknown at this point, and it almost doesn’t matter. They empower those that strive for excellence to degree never seen before, but they do it without restraint, goal, or focus. The results are awe inspiring. Then again, so is a nuclear detonation. Their mere existence will break the world, and regardless of the end result, they will hurt it deeply before they are done.

But in some ways they are the least threat. The Abyssal Exalted have broken the seals between life and death. Now the dead, formerly quiet in their graves, rise to make demands of the living. More disquieting, however, is the fact that Abyssal returned with armies at their backs. Now they conquer and kill across Creation and though their motivations are a mystery, their actions to date are thoroughly disturbing. The Solars may break the world, but the Abyssals seem to want to kill it.

And do not think that these events have gone unnoticed. Spirit activity has skyrocketed in the wake of recent events, as probes and spies approach both of the new groups to gain their favor. They see a chance to establish their rule, and they are leaping on it. If they succeed, then they may very well undue five thousand years of progress.

But perhaps most worrying, the Althing has fractured. It was never the most stable of groups, but at the very least it provided some level of unity amongst the Exalted. Now its members are scrambling for power that the returning Solars and Abyssals represent, and there rumors of schisms within the Elders. There are even whispers that some members seek to overthrow the Althing entirely, and to replace it with an organization of their own making. If that happens, or even if it comes down to simple fighting within the Althing, then the results could be far more catastrophic than any other scenario.

Which is where you come in. You are a capable fighter, and are a being of considerable power. You have, benefited from the Althing. Individually, however, you could do a thing against the storm that is to come.

With the help of others, you just might.

I’m building a team. A group powerful enough to stand against the threats that are coming. No Infernals, I’m afraid. The Seven have forbidden me from adding any to this group. Far too public, apparently. I don’t trust any of the Solars enough to bring into this. And the Abyssals are just far to suspect. That leaves the Lunars and the Sidereals. I’ve also managed to bring in some of the prototype Alchemicals. The Dragon-Bloods may be added in a supporting role, but the recent graduates are spoken for. Maybe we’ll get lucky.

Your job will be to deal with targets the Dragon-Bloods can’t, or ones that are too sensitive to be left to them. You’re not going to get easy jobs. It’s going to dangerous, nasty work. And you are going to be public. No way around that, given some of the situations you’ll be going into, so we aren’t even going to try. Not sure if you consider that a plus or a minus though. You’ll be given as much support as we can give and, hopefully, we’ll make a difference.

So, what do you say? Are you willing to help save the world?
-Strike Force Zero Commander, General Klaus Vidar, Zatesh recruitment speech

Hello, and welcome to The Zatesh Chronicles. This game was inspired by a random comment on a chat I frequent, which basically amounted to: “Who doesn’t want to play a TAW (Terrifying Argent Witches) modern game?” Well that thought met James Bond, which collided with the Avengers, which branched into the Ultimates and then spiraled into Young Justice. For those that don’t follow comics, and have no idea what I’m talking about, lets just say this game was very much inspired by superhero teams.

This game is set in the Modern Shard, and based out of nation of Meruvia. You will be playing as special agents of the Meruvian government, given a mandate deal with extraordinary individuals, beings, and circumstances. At least, on the surface. A layer beneath that you are junior members of the Althing, an organization of Lunars, Sidereals, Infernals, and most recently, Alchemicals that rule much of Creation. You all have different reasons for being there, but ultimately you all seek to aid the world through tumultes the Solars, the Abyssals and Infernals will put it through. How you do so will be most interesting!

Just to be clear this game is for TAW Lunars, Modern Alchemicals and Sidereals. SOLARIOD CONCEPTS WILL BE REJECTED OUT OF HAND. Dragon-Blood concepts MAY be considered, but you will be playing at a significant disadvantage. Also keep in mind that the Althing (and by association, the Infernals) are far less lolevil than they are presented in Shards. They are by no means nice, but they are pragmatic villains (when they are villians). As such, all characters will have some level of connection to the Althing, though the nature of that connection is up to you to determine.

Also, feel free to make stuff up about the setting! Helps me with the world building.

The Zatesh Chronicles

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