2.5 is in use.
The Scroll of Heroes is full out banned
The Scroll of the Monk is available on a case by case bias. No SMA.

Mote Pools

Disregard canon mote pool calculations. Use the following calculation instead
Solaroid: Personal Essence (Essence*3 + 10), Peripheral Essence (Essence*7 + 30);
Lunars: Personal (Essence + 20); Peripheral (Essence*4 + 40);
Sidereals: Personal (Essence*2 + 10); Peripheral (Essence*6 + 30);
Alchemicals: Personal (Essence*3 + 10); Peripheral (Essence*5 + 50);
Dragon Blooded: Personal (Essence + 16); Peripheral (Essence*4 + 31)


Everyone receives all excellencies they have the prerequisites for, provided that:

It is a caste or favored ability/attribute

They have one charm from that ability/attribute


You can raise to 5 without BP
Ride Errata


You start with ten. Spend your bp on other stuff

Hardy and Ox-Bodies

See Link.


Revlid’s fix is in use


Revlids are in use. See TAW doc.

Bonus Point Costs

7 bp to raise essence
3 bp for Charms (4 Unfavoured)
All else as normal. Alchies, see your section for specifics


10 charms
5 general charm slots
5 dedicated


One favored ability.


Alchemicals do not require slots for their Augmentations, however they still require commitment motes. All relevant submodules are automatically installed when the prerequisites are met, with no purchase on the players part required. Unfavored charms can be bought without the relevant augmentation prerequisite (thus opening up the relevant augmentations for use), but still require the augmentation installed to use that charm. The configuration of installed Augmentations can be changed as any other charm (not all available Augmentations need be installed at once). The Fourth and Sixth Augmentations, as well as the Sixth’s Submodule, must be bought as normal charms/submodules but otherwise act as other Augmentations. At chargen, they are purchased at 3bp for favoured, and 4bp for unfavoured.

Bonus Point Costs

Dedicated Slot: 2bp
General Slot: 3bp
Martial Arts: 5bp (4 if favoured)

Lunars (TAW)

Doc for it is here#

Minor modification to Exaltation condition: Lunars are those that are willing to commit a taboo for another (self-sacrifice, ei heroic suicide, and killing for another qualify).

10 charms


Impossible (Attribute) Embodiment is purchased as normal.


12 charms

Shards Astrology Rule hack is in play.

Resplendencies have chicanery-no keyword attached. Ei, I can veto any effect I feel is game breaking (you can still summon Adorjan. She’ll be very happy with you if you do!)

Charm Errata

Dragon Blooded

As Lookshy, with the following changes:
Standard 8/6/4 attributes
4 favored Abilities
Archery required dots are replaced with Firearms
Ride Required dots are replaced with Drive
Has Legendary Breeding for all purposes except having children. Motes are preclaculated into the mote pool.
12 Charms

No surcharge on non aspect elements.


Everyone has 15 Background Dots

Backgrounds List

Familiar Rules


8 Xp per session plus occasional bonuses for good roleplaying.

  • Attribute : 8/6 XPs (Favored attributes train at [Rating] hours)
  • Ability : 4/3 XPs
  • Specialty : 2/1 XPs (Trains at same speed as Ability)
  • Native-level Magics : 10/8 XPs (includes Charms and spells)
  • Sidereal Exalt Celestial or Terrestrial Martial Arts Charm : 9/7XPs
  • Alchemical Slots : 6/4 XPs
  • Alchemical Charms : 4XPs
  • Unfavorable magic : 9 XPs (includes heretical Charms, Infernal spells, Alchemical MA)
  • Essence : Rating × 8 XPs
  • Virtue : 3 XPs
  • Willpower : 3 XPs
  • Backgrounds up to 3 dots : 3 XPs
  • 4th and 5th dots of background : 3 XPs
  • Increase College : 2/1 XPs
  • Array : 1XP per charm added to array
  • Stuff not on this list already : normally it’s the old XP cost.


  • Meruvian: Primary language of Meruvia, spoken across the world
  • Tengese: Primary language of An-Teng, spoken in much of the West and South
  • Udelph: Primary language of Hollow, spoken in much of the East
  • Varang: Spoken in and around Varangia
  • Kirist: Spoken in and around Nyunda
  • Haslan: Spoken in and around the Haslanti Confederation
  • Fellaran: Spoken in and around Fellara
  • Coral: Spoken in and around the Coral Archipelago
  • Luthic: Spoken in and around Wavecrest
  • Old Realm: Native language of all known spiritual entities

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