The Zatesh Chronicles

Session 4, Full log

Well this is quie- OH FUCK ZOMBIES

You are at the airport, on the tarmack before a small cargo plane. At the back a group of workers are finishing securing Ley’s car. A short, tennage looking young man stands by the plane, clearly waiting for the group.
[7:04:43 PM] Messiah: Messiah keeps an eye on them with the car!
[7:04:44 PM] Hajime: Hajime approaches the young man, frowning in… Tentative recognition? He seems to remember seeing him somewhere. Regardless, Thomas Linus (that is to say Hajime) approaches, a friendly if cocky smile on his lips. “Hi! You waitin’ for us?”
[7:04:58 PM] Patrick Alden: Yes.
[7:07:27 PM] Hajime: Hajime nods, and holds out his hand to shake. “Thomas Linus. You might know me under another name, but that will wait. I’m the appointed leader of this task force. I hear you’re s’pposed to join us?”
[7:07:55 PM] Patrick Alden: The young man takes the outstretched hand
[7:08:15 PM] Patrick Alden: “Yes. I was told that your group is somewhat lacking in spirit-hunters,
[7:08:36 PM] Patrick Alden: I am here to close that gap.”
[7:08:43 PM] Messiah: A delicate, long-furred blue-grey cat stalks up to the two, and starts winding around Linus’ legs.
[7:09:07 PM] Patrick Alden: “A cat?” Patrick frowns, confused
[7:09:23 PM] Patrick Alden: "I don’t think it’s supposed to be in the airport.
[7:09:25 PM] Patrick Alden: "
[7:09:52 PM] Messiah: “ExCUSE you?” The glares up at him.

“That’s Empress. She’s with us.”
[7:10:17 PM] Slick: “Careful what you have opinions on,” comes a gravely whisper from the shadows.
[7:10:18 PM | Edited 7:10:51 PM] Hajime: “…do not question the cat. Just nod and walk on by,” Haj whispers confidentially.
[7:10:51 PM] Patrick Alden: “Alright…” Patrick frowns.
[7:12:08 PM] Messiah: Messiah walks up and picks up the cat, smiling in a remarkably unpleasant way for such a pretty woman. She’s dark-skinned, with long red curly hair that covers half her face – what isn’t covered in hair is covered in scars.

“Don’t worry. She’s my co-pilot.”
[7:12:59 PM] Patrick Alden: “Oh. A familiar,” Patrick says in realization, “My apologies.I didn’t mean to cause offence.”
[7:13:24 PM] Messiah: “A what?” The cat bristles at him.
[7:13:48 PM] Messiah: “Don’t get her started, we don’t have time for this…” Messiah sighed.
[7:14:10 PM] Patrick Alden: ‘Familiar. A bonded, magical animal. Is that not what you are?" Patrick asks with a furrowed brow.
[7:14:42 PM] Patrick Alden: “Wait, get her started on what?” Patrick turns, bewildered.
[7:15:09 PM] Hajime: Hajime tries to interrupt the discussion that’s clearly getting in a dangerous direction: “Messiah here – I think she’s okay with calling her Ley – is our explosive specialist, and also has the oft-underrated but always important job of owning a friggin’ car. Slick” – he points at the vague direction of the local shadow – “is a sneaky bastard, and doesn’t often show his face.” “Lula-” he points to a strange, vaguley inhuman woman to his left “-is a beastman – beastwoman – beastperson? A squidgirl from the West.” We have a shapeshifter somewhere around here. I think that completes the presentations."
[7:15:22 PM] Slick: “Just don’t.” Where did that man in the grey trenchcoat and fedora come from, and how did he get barely an inch from Alden’s right shoulder?
[7:15:56 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrack jumps, and reaches for the silver baton at his side
[7:16:10 PM] Patrick Alden: "Don’t do that!
[7:16:12 PM] Patrick Alden: he snarls
[7:16:37 PM] Slick: Slick steps back. His hat is low enough that it is difficult to make out his face, but a smile is evident.
[7:17:02 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick notices his hand is still on his weapon, and lets go.
[7:17:36 PM] Patrick Alden: “I suppose you are Slick, then?” Patrick attempts to recover some semblance of dignity
[7:17:45 PM] Patrick Alden: He extends his hand
[7:17:51 PM] Messiah: Empress harrumphs and starts grooming herself, apparently satisfied with Slick scaring Alden.
[7:18:04 PM] Patrick Alden: “I’m Patrick Alden, Reckoner of the Althing.”
[7:18:11 PM] Slick: Slick shakes. “Indeed.”
[7:18:25 PM] Messiah: “As for that, Empress is my partner, and should be addressed as such.”
[7:18:54 PM] Patrick Alden: “Alright…” Patrick closes his eyes briefly
[7:19:03 PM] Patrick Alden: “How would you prefer me to address her?”
[7:19:20 PM] Patrick Alden: He asks, a hint of annoyance in his voice
[7:19:34 PM] Messiah: “I have a name, you know.” Empress harrumphs again.
[7:19:56 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick’s neck spins to the cat, and he blinks.
[7:20:17 PM] Patrick Alden: “Ah…” he begins, clearly confused and uncomfortable
[7:20:19 PM] Slick: “Call her Empress.”
[7:20:34 PM] Patrick Alden: “Ms. Empress, I’m…I apologize for my rudeness”
[7:20:50 PM] Patrick Alden: he says, "I am unaccustomed to cats being able to speak.
[7:21:06 PM] Hajime: “Won’t be the strangest thing you’ll see with us, believe me.”
[7:21:08 PM] Messiah: “Hmm.” The cat looks at him, then climbs onto Ley’s shoulder and peers at him. “Apology accepted.”
[7:21:50 PM] Patrick Alden: “Shall we start over?” the young man says, affecting an air of courtly manners as he extends his hand towards the cat
[7:22:26 PM] Patrick Alden: “I am Patrick Alden, Reckoner of the Althing. I am pleased to make your acquaintance”, he says, inclining his head
[7:22:37 PM] Patrick Alden: slightly
[7:22:44 PM] Messiah: “Very well.”

“I’d brace myself if I were you-”

The cat jumps towards his shoulder.
[7:22:59 PM] Hajime: “Ain’t he just the sweetest,” Haj says in a mocking but affectionate tone.
[7:23:30 PM] Patrick Alden: Partickjerks back, startled,
[7:23:58 PM] Patrick Alden: but is careful not to dislodge the cat
[7:24:02 PM] Hajime: “All right, if we’re done with the hugs, we have a plane to catch!”
[7:24:18 PM] Patrick Alden: “Ah, um, that sounds good,” he says, once more off guard
[7:24:19 PM] Seda Lula: “I hate cars. I hate cars. I hate cars. Cars are stupid. I don’t like them AT ALL” Complains the rat-faced young man in uniform. “Can I take this skin off now. I hate it”
[7:24:23 PM] Messiah: Empress digs her claws into his jacket and rubs her head against his. “I’m Empress.”
[7:25:08 PM] Patrick Alden: “Good to meet you, Empress,” Patrick says, tentatively reaching up to scratch her ears, before pausing, unsure of the etiquetee required
[7:25:51 PM] Messiah: She nuzzles against his hand with an enthusiastic purr!

Messiah snorts. “Lula, really, at least you were a cat. I could be much more uncomfortable.”
[7:26:07 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick stares towards Thomas, pleading silent for assistance as he scratches the now-purring cat’s head
[7:26:46 PM] Seda Lula: “I was a cat like you! And now I am a man and it is Itchy. He may have had diseases. I don’t like being a man can I be me again Haj… Tomas? Pleaaasseee”
[7:27:22 PM] Patrick Alden: “Wait, who was a cat?” Patrick says, confused.
[7:27:34 PM] Hajime: Hajime shrugs and shake his heads. “I’m not getting into feline business. Just be glad Lula-” he points to the man in uniform “-isn’t in the mood for hugs.”
[7:27:51 PM] Hajime: “Lula, you can be yourself when we’re all in the plane.”
[7:27:56 PM] Messiah: “Dinglebert here. Empress, come here and leave the poor man alone.”

Empress jumps back into Messiah’s arms with a reluctant grumble.
[7:28:10 PM] Hajime: Hajime waves the ever-useful ‘jazz hands,’ muttering simply: “Lunars.”
[7:28:33 PM] Slick: “Hmm. It might be okay for Lula to be a cat for this trip? Though only if she rides secured. I don’t know if regulations allow for familiars…no offense, Empress.”
[7:28:35 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick is clearly relieved, but stops short of sighing, fearful of causing further offence. The first impression was NOT off to a good start.
[7:28:54 PM] Seda Lula: A playful punch to dear Messiah’s shoulder. At least, the body langauge was playful. The actual punch is still slightly staggering “You are funny! What is Dinglebert. Is funny pet-name yes?”
[7:29:17 PM | Edited 7:29:28 PM] Messiah: Messiah lets out a noise that sounds remarkably like a verbalized keyboard smash, staggering over a step or so.
[7:30:09 PM] Seda Lula: The young rat-faced man does not seem to have the muscle mass needed to stagger Messiah in that way.
[7:30:14 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick watches in helpless bewilderment, having never seen such lack of discipline among a combat group, and completely unsure of how to react.
[7:31:05 PM] Messiah: “Lula I /break easily/.”
[7:31:26 PM] Seda Lula: “But you’re metal… metal is hard to break. I had to tear a lot of it so I should know!”
[7:31:27 PM] Slick: Slick tilts his head. “You ex-military, Patrick?”
[7:31:44 PM] Hajime: “Guys guys guys. I propose we get on this plane before we start killing each other. Cheerfully and accidentally sure, but killing nonetheless. Chop chop!”
[7:31:55 PM] Patrick Alden: “No,” Patrick shakes his head at Slick, “I work directly for my master.”
[7:32:16 PM] Messiah: “Only partly! The rest is flesh!” Messiah grumbles and heads towards the plane. “Slick, how about /you/ sit next to me?”
[7:32:22 PM] Patrick Alden: At Tomas’ words, Patrick turn, worried.
[7:32:27 PM] Patrick Alden: “Is that an actual risk?”
[7:32:29 PM] Slick: “Alright.”
[7:32:40 PM] Slick: “And yes, it is.”
[7:32:43 PM] Messiah: “Only if someone jostles me while I’m preparing an explosive.”
[7:33:11 PM] Seda Lula: “I’ve never been in a plane~!” The young man happily skips up the steps, a slit appearing in the back of his head that begins to leak a purplish light.
[7:33:24 PM] Patrick Alden: “So…” Patrick begins, looking alarmed, “who is in charge here?”
[7:33:28 PM | Edited 7:33:43 PM] Messiah: “/INSIDE/ THE PLANE FIRST, LULA.”
[7:33:51 PM] Seda Lula: “I am going inside the plane!”
[7:34:00 PM] Messiah: “He is. Supposedly.” She jerks her head at Linus.
[7:34:13 PM] Patrick Alden: “Why is that man glowing?” Patrick asks in sudden fear, talk of explosives having set his nerves on edge.
[7:34:29 PM] Hajime: “I am nominally in charge. We share duties and responsibilities according to personal skills. Lula is glowing because of her weird transformative powers.”
[7:34:54 PM] Patrick Alden: "Weird transformative powers. Not explosives?
[7:34:55 PM] Patrick Alden: "
[7:35:06 PM] Hajime: Hajime pats Patrick’s shoulder with a comforting (?) smile. “You don’t need to worry. We’re pretty informal on our off-time. But we get the job done.”
[7:35:09 PM] Messiah: Messiah grumbles and starts herding everyone onto the plane, preferably with someone in front of her so she doesn’t have to sit next to Lula.
[7:35:22 PM] Slick: Slick sits next to Messiah, as promised.
[7:35:36 PM] Slick: “Fortunately, we have a charter flight.”
[7:35:39 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick smiles weakly at Tomas as he follows onto the plane.
[7:35:42 PM] Slick: “We have this plane to ourselves.”
[7:35:49 PM | Edited 7:35:58 PM] Storyteller: The inside of the plane is nondescript, with several seats for the group. On one of the seats is a folder, containing various documentation for the trip, as well as notes on the Lebanc Medical center.
[7:36:11 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick finds the seat furthest from Empress, the talking cat
[7:36:31 PM | Edited 7:36:37 PM] Messiah: Empress promptly climbs onto Slick’s lap and curls up.
[7:36:31 PM] Slick: “Unfortunately, we have this plan to ourselves. But there is at least a good chance we will not be targeted by live munitions during this trip, from what I understand.”
[7:37:07 PM] Slick: Slick picks up the folder and scans through it. Messiah may be getting a live feed of the parsing.
[7:37:29 PM] Messiah: Messiah may be taking notes.
[7:38:01 PM | Edited 7:38:09 PM] Seda Lula: The young man’s skin promptly sloughs off into a puddle of odd purplish goo. Which turns into a fine cloud of purplish motes of light. Revealing beneath (And straining to stay in her now to-tight uniform) a statuesque woman. With teal skin, yellow eyes, and long tentacles instead of hair “Helloo~ I am Seda Lula~”
[7:38:15 PM] Slick: Slick may be making sarcastic commentary on the likely veracity of vaarious parts.
[7:38:38 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick jumps silently in his seat, startled.
[7:39:10 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel scurried into view if the others in the firm of a large rat sized centipede, before tensioning into the form of a women in a business suit. “I have fully explored the plane. There should be no dangers from within.”
[7:39:26 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula smartly salutes, a Navy saltue to be specific, and turns to Thomas “Where is my Skaia-skin? These clothes are to small….”
[7:39:32 PM] Patrick Alden: “Wait, was that a concern?” Patrick speaks up, frowning.
[7:40:14 PM] Messiah: Messiah is trying to keep a straight face and may be sending back silly reaction gifs.
[7:40:30 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel replies matter-of-fact-ly “Is it ever not a concern?”
[7:40:53 PM] Patrick Alden: “Then why did we wait until we were all in an enclosed space?!” Patrick demands angrily.
[7:41:04 PM] Hajime: Hajime sits down next to Patrick, his facade of confidence fading somewhat. He massages his temples – and even though it’s not a physical change, something about him is different. Like the fact that he is obviously a fifteen years old boy. “Lula, your clothes are packed above your head in one of the storing drawers above the seats. Ilalel, thank you. Patrick, no, not really, but it pays to be prudent.”
[7:41:16 PM] Messiah: Messiah may have just shut up, because she’s too busy staring at Lula.
[7:41:47 PM] Messiah: Messiah headtilts.
[7:41:53 PM] Patrick Alden: Ah…" Patrick says, closing his eyes, as though with a headache
[7:42:02 PM] Hajime: Hajime shakes off the last threads of his Resplendency for now. “Hi. You can call me Haj. Welcome to this merry band of maniacs.”
[7:42:17 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick blinks at the sudden change.
[7:42:27 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula begins digging about for her clothes, and holds up the sharskin clothes woven together with moonsilver “My Saika-Skins~ Are my Coral Crushers in there too?”
[7:42:54 PM] Slick: “Should be.”
[7:43:05 PM] Patrick Alden: “How old are you?” he asks, staring at the young man. Patrick was used to being the youngest looking member of a group, but Haj had him beat by quite a bit.
[7:43:23 PM] Slick: Slick is maintaining a VERY forcibly neutral voice right now.
[7:43:52 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula digs out the black jade guantlets, elegantly carved. And then she begins stripping. Seems she’s eager to get into her shark-skin clothes…
[7:44:07 PM] Patrick Alden: "Why is that women taking off her clothes?
[7:44:10 PM] Ilalel: “It’s not my fault you choose to enter the plane before I finished my inspection. It is a friendly plane so theoretically the threat is low. Spend a few months beneath the earth fighting things that shouldn’t be and you’ll begin to not trust anything.”
[7:44:14 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick asks, confused
[7:44:17 PM] Messiah: Messiah crosses one leg over the other and leans forward. “Ehehe.”
[7:44:37 PM] Slick: Slick leans to the side, petting Empress, just taking in the view.
[7:44:45 PM] Patrick Alden: And more than a little embarrassed, as he averts his gaze.
[7:44:47 PM] Hajime: Hajime tilts his head, and looks at Patrick with a weary, weary smile. “I turned sixteen last month. For my birthday, I had to put down a rampaging chimera that had devoured half the custommers of a small supermarket. I’m a Chosen of Secret and my job is to point these guys” he waves at the cabin “at evil and let it explode. Welcome to my world.”
[7:44:58 PM] Messiah: Empress flops over his legs and sighs. “What are you guys, twelve?”
[7:45:31 PM] Patrick Alden: Haj’s voice distracts Patrick from his embarrassed temptations
[7:45:36 PM] Slick: “Twelve is too young.”
[7:45:37 PM] Seda Lula: “Saika-skin~ Saika-skin~” So you can have tanlines with squid-skin. Good to know. She dresses quickly enough before getting her gauntlets on “Ready to SET SAIL~!”
[7:45:37 PM] Patrick Alden: “WHAT teen?”
[7:45:43 PM] Patrick Alden: he nearly shouts
[7:45:46 PM] Hajime: “What are you, three? I am sixteen. I’m allowed to be emo.”
[7:45:52 PM] Hajime: “For at least a couple weeks.”
[7:46:13 PM] Messiah: “Yeah. Try, I dunno, sixteen?”

“Uuuugh. Humans.”
[7:46:35 PM] Patrick Alden: “I’m…I’m sorry, but how can you possibly be in charge of a group this important?” Patrick asks, flatly.
[7:46:47 PM] Hajime: “Can a cat even grow up to sixteen? I though you died.”
[7:46:50 PM] Slick: “Because I passed it up, and he didn’t.”
[7:46:53 PM] Ilalel: “Does age have any meaning to the exalted?”
[7:47:20 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick continues staring at Haj, waiting for a response.
[7:47:27 PM] Messiah: “Because putting me in charge is a recipe for disaster and I’m not too proud to admit it.”
[7:47:42 PM] Ilalel: “I thought if a cat lived to too old an age they became a demon.”
[7:48:17 PM] Messiah: Empress snorts. “Not likely.”
[7:48:18 PM] Seda Lula: “Because Hajime is good at that sot of thing! And I am only good battles~!” She happily slams her gauntlet-covered fists together before sitting down near the two Sidereals. “Can we go now? Are planes like subs? Aaah are we gonna go underwater please please are we gonna go underwater?”
[7:48:19 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick is clearly growing annoyed with the background conversation, but refuses to give them the satisfaction of his getting upset.
[7:48:32 PM] Hajime: “…because out of all of us here, I’m the only one who’s not enjoying this. That’s how my mentor told me you recognize a leader, but I suspect she’s a filthy liar. I’m not the leader, anyway. Just the public face.”
[7:48:46 PM] Hajime: “I am the only one with a known public identity.”
[7:49:24 PM] Hajime: “So the answer to the question ‘how can you be in charge’ is… I’m not.” Hajime grins. “Chew on that for a bit.”
[7:49:25 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick waits, a skeptical look on his face as he listens.
[7:49:41 PM] Patrick Alden: "That…That is a terrible way to run a military unit.
[7:49:44 PM] Hajime: “Lula, planes fly. Like birds. No water. Sorry.”
[7:50:00 PM] Slick: “Good thing we’re paramilitary, then.”
[7:50:07 PM] Hajime: “And if you try to open a door while we’re above the sea to take a swim, we all die. So don’t. Please.”
[7:50:48 PM] Ilalel: “Sometimes in war you don’t have time got procedure and ceremony.”
[7:50:58 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick stares around, confused and more than a little concerned.
[7:51:06 PM] Slick: “Not all of us.” Slick’s face turns to face Messiah.
[7:51:19 PM] Ilalel: “I won’t die.”
[7:51:36 PM] Seda Lula: “Okay no swimming~ And we’re going to fly to a person… and then hurt them until they stop doing bad things, right?”
[7:51:37 PM] Messiah: Messiah tilts her head at Slick. “Not quite all of us, at least.”
[7:51:43 PM] Patrick Alden: “I was under the impression that this was an Althing-approved force?” he asks, frowning, “Surely you could have gotten an Infernal to help!”
[7:52:33 PM | Edited 7:53:21 PM] Ilalel: “We deal with things not worth putting a team of infernals on.”
[7:52:33 PM] Storyteller: Over the speakers the pilots voice crackles. “Hello, and welcome to Bicker Flight Airways. We will shortly be taking off, please ensure you are secure, and/or capable of survivng a plane crash. That will be all.” With that, the plane begins moving
[7:52:56 PM] Slick: Slick shoves the folder at Patrick. “Actually, an Infernal is ‘helping’. That is the problem.”
[7:52:59 PM] Slick: “Read up.”
[7:53:11 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick frowns at the envelope as he opens it.
[7:53:12 PM] Slick: “Seems this lab’s the private domain of one of them.”
[7:53:21 PM] Slick: “Direct confrontation by another Infernal?”
[7:53:29 PM] Slick: “Yeah, that’s your good reason why we’re going.”
[7:54:22 PM] Patrick Alden: “Wait, we’re attacking an Infernal?” Patrick is clearly alarmed, “That’s treason!”
[7:54:40 PM | Edited 7:55:00 PM] Ilalel: “That is part of it too. Direct conflict between infernals would leaf to the destruction of all civilization. We’re here to smooth that over.”
[7:55:08 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula reaches a smashfist covered hand towards the back of patrick’s chair “Treason is a stupid word. We are doing as we are ordered.”
[7:55:19 PM] Slick: “In theory it would be nice to avoid attacking the Infernal.”
[7:55:21 PM] Seda Lula: That poor chair got to feel her grip…
[7:55:33 PM] Slick: “In practice…what she said.”
[7:55:47 PM] Patrick Alden: “By who?” Patrick turns to stare at Lula, a hard glint in his eye.
[7:56:01 PM] Messiah: “Same boss as you, presumably.”
[7:56:15 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick turns to Messiah
[7:56:32 PM] Seda Lula: “By Mister Vidar!”
[7:56:46 PM] Seda Lula: She’s smiling. Her teeth aren’t human. They are a shark’s.
[7:56:56 PM] Patrick Alden: "My master only told me that I would be aiding a task force lacking is units skilled at killing spirits. He said nothing of an assault on an Infernal! Who is this Vidar?
[7:56:57 PM] Ilalel: “Other infernals. The majority desiring peace and the continuation of modern life.”
[7:57:13 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick turns to Iialel.
[7:57:21 PM] Patrick Alden: “That…makes more sense.”
[7:57:33 PM] Patrick Alden: He is clearly embarrassed for having not realized this previously.
[7:57:46 PM] Hajime: “We are getting away of ourselves, here. We’re not attacking an Infernal. We are investigating a direct attack against an Infernal, and we are going to interrogate another who might have useful information.”
[7:58:05 PM] Messiah: Messiah might have started blushing.
[7:58:20 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick nods at Haj.
[7:58:42 PM] Patrick Alden: “What kind of resistence can we expect?” he asks, clearly wanting to change the subject.
[7:58:44 PM] Ilalel: “Like I said. Imagine the result of open war between infernals. Or the infernals and these new infernal-like exalts.”
[7:59:27 PM] Seda Lula: “Messiah what’s wrong with you?” Lula has returned to her seat and is poking Messiah in the face with one of her hair-tentacles “Is it warm in here? Is there a way to make the magic cold air move?”
[7:59:28 PM] Slick: Slick shifts a bit – are those small breasts under her(?) trenchcoat? Slick’s eyes are still upon Messiah.
[8:00:01 PM] Patrick Alden: “Wait, Ilalel, are you referring to the Solars?” Patrick asks, “What do they have to do with this?”
[8:00:09 PM] Messiah: Messiah squeaks and laughs, running a finger down Lula’s tentacle. “I’m fine, I’m fine really.” Did her dress’s cut change? She wasn’t that busty before.
[8:01:06 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick notices the subtle shapeshifting, and makes a small choking sound.
[8:01:51 PM] Slick: Slick finally looks up. “Sorry. Was demonstrating for Messiah.”
[8:01:55 PM] Hajime: Hajime looks around him, puzzled at the commotion. “…what’s going on, again?”
[8:02:06 PM | Edited 8:02:36 PM] Ilalel: “Solar suppression it’s part of our job as well.”
[8:02:08 PM] Seda Lula: The skin is slick and soft, the tentacle coiling around the hand “Oh! Okay! You just smell a little different. But the magic cold air, is that a thing on planes?”
[8:02:24 PM] Slick: “It is. But it’s not magic.”
[8:02:27 PM] Patrick Alden: “I have no idea,” Patrick says, still confused and embaraessed.
[8:02:29 PM] Messiah: “As was I.” … Messiah ten minutes ago you were three cup sizes smaller. “And it is, yes.”
[8:02:51 PM] Patrick Alden: “Still, someone mentioned something about the Solars?” he asks pointedly.
[8:03:18 PM] Patrick Alden: “About suppressing them?” Patrick is clearly alarmed at the thought.
[8:03:18 PM] Storyteller: A slight change in balance indicates the plane has begun its take off.
[8:04:02 PM] Hajime: “When things go bad, when a Solar goes mad and starts screwing with Meruvia or the Allthing, it’s our job to take care of it.”
[8:04:08 PM] Hajime: “And Abyssals, potentially, too.”
[8:04:13 PM] Hajime: “Won’t that be a joyride.”
[8:04:26 PM] Patrick Alden: At the mention of the Abyssals, Patrick’s face twists into a rictus of hatred and disgust.
[8:04:54 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula suddenly tenses up, tentacle coiling painfully tight around Messiah’s arm, while the dear squidwoman’s own hands begin tearing off the tops of her armrests “WHATISHAPPENING
[8:04:55 PM] Patrick Alden: “Wretched corpse-spawned abominations!” he spits
[8:05:02 PM] Patrick Alden: .
[8:05:37 PM] Messiah: Messiah yelps and pulls Lula down, accidentally into her own lap. “We’re taking off, calm down damnit. Ow. That is my arm.”
[8:05:55 PM] Slick: “Brace and bear, warrior of the sea.”
[8:06:08 PM] Slick: “Do not fight this. But learn this sensation.”
[8:06:11 PM] Ilalel: “I never met any mercifully enough. I do not look forward to my first meeting.”
[8:06:32 PM | Edited 8:06:45 PM] Seda Lula: Lula’s head is dragged into Messiah’s lap, panicy tentacles latching onto whatever they can while her own hands brace on the seats “ISITSUPPOSEDTODOTHAT
[8:07:14 PM] Messiah: “Yes! Good grief woman take a deep breath you’re fine.” Messiah winces when her hair is apparently pulled away from her face.
[8:07:32 PM] Hajime: “Lula. It’s a plane. It’s flying. Like a bird. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”
[8:07:34 PM] Ilalel: “Excuse me, I do not want to be caught in her tentacles.” She shrinks down to bug size.
[8:08:08 PM] Slick: “You’re right, this is much faster than a bird.”
[8:08:09 PM] Messiah: “Lula. I need to breathe. I’ve got you.”
[8:08:16 PM] Slick: “Brace and bear.”
[8:08:26 PM] Slick: Slick faces Lula, looking her in the eyes.
[8:08:37 PM] Slick: Slick locks her with a steely, challenging gaze.
[8:08:55 PM] Messiah: Messiah tries to loosen one of the tentacles. Air. Air is a thing!
[8:09:07 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick absently touches the Starmetal bracer on his right arm, running his fingers lightly along the great pearl set into it.
[8:09:23 PM] Patrick Alden: It is clearly a stress-reaction.
[8:09:25 PM] Seda Lula: She breathes deeply, bracing with tentacles and hands. The chairs may be damaged slightly “I don’t like planes….” the tentacles unwrap and go back to their normal, pleseant and calm movement.
[8:10:12 PM] Messiah: Messiah sighs and slumps a little, head ending up against Lula’s shoulder. “It’s alright. You’re fine.”
[8:10:21 PM] Hajime: Hajime sighs, and simply relaxes in his seat, eyes closed. Is he… Is he going to sleep? With all this movement around him? Well damn. He already is asleep.
[8:11:15 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick glares at Hajime, clearly annoyed.
[8:11:20 PM] Seda Lula: “I wanna take a boat next time… I can sail us and it will be very nice.” Lula sits with a huff, head in Messiah’s lap, the rest of her in the aisle of the plane.
[8:11:43 PM] Slick: “A boat could not make this journey.”
[8:11:47 PM] Slick: “It is over land.”
[8:11:48 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel turns back to human. “You can get used to it. You’re a lunar. You can adapt to anything.”
[8:11:54 PM] Messiah: “Mmhmm.” Messiah pets her head and squirms around to get comfortable.
[8:12:33 PM] Ilalel: “If it gets too bad, just assume a form that lacks fear.”
[8:12:54 PM] Seda Lula: “I don’t like planes. I am going to lay right here until the plane stops being awful.”
[8:13:08 PM] Patrick Alden: “How many forms do you have?” Patrick blurts out unthinkingly.
[8:13:12 PM] Messiah: “That’s fine.” Messiah keeps petting.
[8:13:30 PM] Seda Lula: “As many as the heart’s bloods that have run between my fingers~”
[8:13:31 PM] Ilalel: “Perhaps some sort of insect form.”
[8:14:07 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick stares at Lula.
[8:14:25 PM] Messiah: “She’s fine how she is, Ilalel. I don’t mind.”
[8:14:27 PM] Patrick Alden: “So…then…the stories about the Lunars are true, then?” he asks, hesitantly.
[8:14:46 PM] Messiah: Empress, for the record, has curled up and gone to sleep.
[8:15:22 PM] Seda Lula: “When I kill something I can claim its skin as mine~ I would show you but I am very comfy and also I don’t think they would fit in the plane.” She smiles, her teeth are human again, and her tentacles are gently coiling and uncoiling themselves
[8:15:47 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick shudders, something about the Lunar’s smile disturbing him at a deep level.
[8:16:28 PM] Slick: Slick pets Messiah’s neck, checking her pulse.
[8:16:44 PM] Slick: “Just…don’t claim her skin right now, please.”
[8:16:47 PM | Edited 8:17:05 PM] Messiah: Messiah slumps over against hi with a snore.
[8:17:04 PM] Ilalel: “I can do that as well. For note.”
[8:17:16 PM] Patrick Alden: “Are they…” Patrick pauses, unsure how to phrase his question politely, “together?”
[8:17:26 PM] Patrick Alden: He is clearly concerned about the notion.
[8:17:26 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula looks up at slick with puppy dog eyes (Not literal ones yet) “I got scared I am sorry…”
[8:18:06 PM | Edited 8:18:38 PM] Ilalel: “…I am uncertain Lula possesses the capacity…”
[8:18:09 PM] Slick: “Not to worry.”
[8:18:14 PM] Hajime: Hajime ‘s eyes pop open suddenly. “Oh lords above and beyond, Venus preserve us from romantic relationships within this group, out of all.”
[8:18:25 PM] Slick: “And we just met recently. Still…”
[8:18:36 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick nods, clearly agreeing with Haj.
[8:18:43 PM] Messiah: Messiah lets out another snore.
[8:18:44 PM] Patrick Alden: "It does seem rather irresponsible.
[8:18:45 PM] Patrick Alden: "
[8:18:58 PM] Slick: Slick reclines his seat, careful not to disturb Messiah too much, and climbs back until the other Alchemical is cuddled between himself and Lula.
[8:19:47 PM] Seda Lula: "What is ’together’ meaning? It isn’t breeding season…. Wait what month is it?" Lula starts looking very focused, she’s even counting on her fingers.
[8:20:25 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick stares at Lula, clearly and completely lost for words
[8:20:44 PM] Ilalel: “…as stated… She lacks the capacity…”
[8:20:56 PM] Seda Lula: “No! Is Monsoon Season. Breeding is not until High Tide…” She sighs happily and cuddles into the pile, tentacles wrapping about Slick before she falls asleep herself, armed and armoured.
[8:21:07 PM] Slick: “We’ll tell you later. Just help me keep Messiah upright. You made her pass out.”
[8:21:17 PM] Slick: “Orrr go to sleep.”
[8:21:23 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick shudders, suddenly picturing ‘breeding’ and ‘tentacles’ in the same context.
[8:21:33 PM] Slick: Slick looks up, a bit helplessly. “I’ll, ah, try to keep them stable and quiet during the trip?”
[8:21:37 PM] Ilalel: “Lula. You are not permitted to breed with anyone without their consent.”
[8:21:53 PM] Seda Lula: She is already asleep, happily napping.
[8:22:08 PM] Patrick Alden: “Is…is that an actual concern?” Patrick asks, clearly horrified at the thought.
[8:22:10 PM] Messiah: It’s hard to tell if Messiah’s unconscious or asleep.
[8:22:26 PM] Hajime: “It’s hard to tell, with her.”
[8:22:29 PM] Ilalel: “Nevermind.”
[8:22:35 PM] Hajime: “I suggest you go to sleep like them all.”
[8:22:53 PM] Slick: “…”
[8:23:00 PM] Slick: Slick looks at the cuddle pile.
[8:23:07 PM] Slick: “…yes sir.” And lets herself relax into it.
[8:23:12 PM] Patrick Alden: “I have trouble sleeping in the presence of others.”
[8:23:34 PM] Patrick Alden: He diplomatically choses not to add ‘particularly others like these’
[8:24:48 PM | Edited 8:24:54 PM] Ilalel: “I will do another patrol of the plane.” She transforms back to centipede form and scurries off.
[8:24:57 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick turns to Haj.
[8:25:44 PM] Patrick Alden: “Um, Tho-Comman-Haj-Sir,” Patrick says, unsure how to address the younger Sidereal, “Was the Lunar breeding without consent a real concern?”
[8:28:32 PM | Edited 8:28:38 PM] Hajime: “Call me Haj. And, no. I. Don’t. Think so?” He scratches his temple. “She comes from a weird place, that’s why she’s odd. Grew up on an attol. A giant deathtrap where everything tries to eat everything else, but, eh, the beastmen are friendly enough.”
[8:28:42 PM] Hajime: “But she won’t hurt you.”
[8:28:53 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick nods, clearly relieved.
[8:29:12 PM] Patrick Alden: “That’s good to hear,” he says, smiling weakly.
[8:29:38 PM] Patrick Alden: “It’s proably really obvious, but this is my first time out on my own.”
[8:29:56 PM] Patrick Alden: “In a group, I mean,” he adds hurriedly
[8:30:30 PM] Patrick Alden: “I mostly do solo assignments for my master, and occasionally help out Dragon-Blooded killteams. I’m…not very…this is very strange to me.”
[8:32:46 PM] Hajime: “Yeah, I get you. I’ve been mostly on solo missions myself, before this.”
[8:33:09 PM] Hajime: “Don’t worry,” he smiles. “You’ll get used to it.”
[8:33:33 PM] Patrick Alden: “Thanks,” Patrick says, glad that there was at least one person on this mission he can relate to.
[8:33:42 PM] Messiah: Messiah SNORES. Loudly.

Empress glares and shifts over to lay on Messiah’s chest and quiet her down.
[8:33:54 PM] Storyteller: (Scene Break)
[8:34:25 PM] Storyteller: Several hours later, you are driving through a densly wooded area, with the road twisting and turning constantly. You are a few hours out from the nearest town, and the road is deserted. As you round a corner, you are greated by a high reinforced chainlink fence, topped with barbed wire and with eletrocution warnings evenly spaced along its length. Bisecting the road is a gate with a guardtower on the right hand side. Beyond the fence and gate are a collection of systematic white, steel and concrete buildings. Patroling the area are gaurds armed with assault rifles and heavy body armor.
[8:34:43 PM] Storyteller: As you pull up to the guardhouse, one of the guards, rifle slung, walks out and motions for you to stop. “Papers please.”
[8:35:33 PM] Messiah: Messiah rolls down the window and smiles charmingly at them. “One moment. Gentlemen, the nice guard outside would like our papers.” She raises an eyebrow at Haj.
[8:35:51 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick is sitting in the passengers seat, reluctant to be crushed up next to the Lunar.
[8:36:19 PM] Slick: Slick is sitting in the middle-back, carefully keeping Lula on the far side from where the guard was expected to be.
[8:36:28 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel is in centipede firm hiding under the seat.
[8:36:32 PM] Hajime: Hajime searches his seat and door, pulling out the various papers from the folders. “Shouldavthoughtabouthissooner,” mutters, gives the papers to Messiah.
[8:36:32 PM] Slick: ((This probably leaves Hajime right behind Messiah?))
[8:36:41 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula is humming a happy tune to herself, dressed in some large conspicious hoodie to hide her skin. She refused to turn back into a man or a cat.
[8:39:16 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel makes a point to crawl across Lula’s leg.
[8:39:58 PM] Seda Lula: Ilalel is grasped at by darting tentacles"
[8:39:58 PM] Messiah: Messiah hands the papers over with a smile.
[8:42:59 PM] Storyteller: Right, everything looks in order." With that the guard signals the gaurd house, and the gate slids open. “Here are your vistor badges, don’t know why they us gave six of them. Keep’em on you at all times. Proceed to the administration building, Cirrus will meet you there.”
[8:43:29 PM] Messiah: “Of course.” Messiah nods, passes the badges out, smiles, and procedes slowly.
[8:43:47 PM] Patrick Alden: “Who is Cirrus?” Patrick whispers as they drive off.
[8:43:56 PM] Messiah: “Haj?”
[8:44:28 PM] Hajime: “I think he is… In charge of the security? Possibly?”
[8:44:54 PM] Patrick Alden: “…It find it ominous that you are unsure…” Patrick says slowly.
[8:45:04 PM | Edited 8:45:12 PM] Storyteller: The road straight forwardly leads to a parking lot. Across form that is a building with a prominent “Administration” sign.
[8:45:18 PM] Messiah: “Meh. We’re here, everybody out please.”
[8:45:23 PM] Seda Lula: “Okay~!”
[8:45:23 PM | Edited 8:46:11 PM] Hajime: Hajime searches the folder. “Nope, nothing on him.”
[8:45:25 PM] Patrick Alden: "So, what are we doing when we get in there?
[8:45:51 PM] Hajime: Hajime puts away the folder and exits the car, adding to Patrick: “We’re havng an interview with Piotr Ivanov.”
[8:45:52 PM] Slick: “Don’t worry.” Slick nudges Lula out, then follows. “Random staff aren’t always knowable outside an organization.”
[8:45:54 PM] Messiah: "Stand around and look pretty while Haj talks.
[8:46:17 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick follows close to Haj, nodding as he exits the car.
[8:46:23 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula holds her smash-fist covered hands “Can I have one of those thingies, they sounded important”
[8:46:26 PM] Patrick Alden: “I can do that,” he says.
[8:46:40 PM] Patrick Alden: Affixing his ID badge to his chest.
[8:46:55 PM] Messiah: Messiah gets out, leaving the windows rolled down. “Guard the car, Empress.”

“I can eat their faces, right?”

“And their fingers.”
[8:47:10 PM] Slick: “You look pretty. Messiah and I will be standing there and doing stuff.” Slick gives his fellow Alchemical a glance.
[8:47:21 PM] Messiah: Messiah grins and affixes her badge.
[8:47:30 PM] Patrick Alden: “That cat is terrifying,” Patrick whispers to Hahime
[8:47:38 PM] Patrick Alden: Hajime
[8:48:20 PM] Hajime: “You don’t know the half of it,” Haj says smiling. He advances towards the Administration building, waving to others to follow us.
[8:48:29 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel clawls into Slick’s pocket, beleiving they are the least likely to freak out about it.
[8:48:33 PM] Messiah: Messiah gives Lula one of the badges.
[8:48:58 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula affixes the badge to her hoodie “These are pretty. Can we keep them?”
[8:49:04 PM] Storyteller: Inside the front doors of the building, a thin man with a stone tone of old stone waves the group down. as they approach, he holds his hand out in greeting. “Welcome to Lebanc. I’m Cirrus Shale, head of security here.”
[8:49:30 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick stands silently next to Haj, carefully keeping a lookout.
[8:50:17 PM] Slick: “For as long as we’re here, Lula. Maybe longer, dunno.”
[8:50:32 PM] Hajime: Hajime steps forward, having assumed his Resplendency. “Hello, Cirrus. I’m Thomas Linus, here on behalf of the Allthing. Pleased to meet you.”
[8:50:34 PM] Slick: Slick does indeed not react when Ilalel crawls up.
[8:51:05 PM] Messiah: Messiah clasps her arms behind her back casually.
[8:51:40 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula is happily standing with the two Alchemicals, trying her best not to pay attention and wait for whatever cue she needs to move in. In case of danger,of course.
[8:52:47 PM] Slick: Slick does, though, catch Ilalel before the Lunar can fall too far in.
[8:52:47 PM | Edited 8:52:54 PM] Storyteller: Cirrus firmly shakes Haji’s hand. “Pleasure is mine. This way please?”
[8:53:45 PM | Edited 8:53:51 PM] Storyteller: With that he begins leading them into the facility.
[8:53:51 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick casts his mind into the near future, search for threats
[8:54:16 PM] Messiah: Messiah follows, nudging Lula to get her moving too
[8:54:18 PM] Slick: Slick follows, looking around (and scanning for hackable targets).
[8:54:39 PM] Seda Lula: She follows
[8:54:42 PM | Edited 8:56:07 PM] Storyteller: “So you guys are here to see Piotr?”
[8:54:42 PM] Messiah: Messiah reaches out with her own mechanical senses as well.
[8:55:42 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel looks suprised, if a centipede can, which they can’t.
[8:55:51 PM] Hajime: “Yep. Formal visit, we think he can help us track down bad guys, you know the deal. As long as expenses for flight travel are paid, might as well go around asking question,” he chuckles.
[8:56:37 PM] Storyteller: “Yeah, I’ve done that gig. Mind talking about what your investigating?”
[8:56:54 PM] Seda Lula: “There was an on-fire guy.”
[8:57:17 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick unconsciously edges slightly away from Lula,
[8:58:10 PM | Edited 8:59:20 PM] Hajime: Hajime throws him a glance, trying not to show his caution. How much can they trust this random guy who works for the person they intend to interrogate? Not at all is how much. He smiles. “You might have heard about it. A maniac blew up a press conference. Turns out it was our press conference.”
[8:58:20 PM] Messiah: Messiah snorts.
[9:00:46 PM | Edited 9:00:53 PM] Storyteller: “Yeah, heard about that. Wonder where a last stage flamer got the drugs though. Must have been in that break out the idiots let happen a few week back.”
[9:01:52 PM] Hajime: Hajime tries not to let his sudden interest be too obvious. “Yeah, I heard something like that. What happened?”
[9:05:37 PM] Storyteller: Cirrus shrugs. “One of the materials on the min security got loose,killed a bunch of, people, ran away. That is literally all I kinow.” A note of anger enters his voice. “Piotr took all the tapes and refuses to say anything about it.”
[9:08:18 PM] Hajime: “Hm. Sounds like that doesn’t make you happy.” Hajime eyes Cirrus with interest. “That’s the kind of thing we need to ask him about; the stuff he doesn’t want to talk about. Would you know anything that could help?”
[9:12:52 PM] Storyteller: “Not much. Lots of my guys and Piotrs scientists” fingure quote puntuate the statment “got killed, blunt force tramua mainly, and a bunch of product and materials run off. Next thing I know that crazy bitch is up here, and she’s going to clean up whatever the fuck happened.” He shrugs. “Piotr is scared shitless, however much he tries to hide it though.”
[9:13:33 PM] Patrick Alden: Silently, Patrick notices that that fits his own MO very well.
[9:16:38 PM] Hajime: “…I see. That’s pretty bad. But if he’s scared, he’ll be sensible to our own investigation. We’re here to help, after all, ain’t we?”
[9:17:26 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick begins fiddling with his bracer.
[9:17:40 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula raises her hand like a child on a field-trip “We are very helpful~! And good at hurting people who need it! And the people who stole probably deserve a lot of hurting!”
[9:18:19 PM] Storyteller: CIrrus snorts “Don’t count on it. The man’s… well you’ll see.” He motions at the door they arrived at. “Well, here you are. I’ll be back when you need an out.”
[9:18:43 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick stares at Lula in disbelief. Had she been one of the Dragon-Blooded he was used to working with, she would have been dressed down by her CO, at the very least.
[9:19:13 PM] Hajime: Hajime nods, then knocks on the door.
[9:19:37 PM] Messiah: Messiah bumps lightly against Hajime and mutters under her breath. “How long can you stretch this out?”
[9:21:17 PM] Hajime: “Long enough,” he whispers back.
[9:21:26 PM] Storyteller: The door slides open. The office looks more like palace room, with thick luxuors carpets, several expensive paintings and sculptures lining the walls. Towards back of the room are multiple bookshelves with meticoulsly organized books and binders. In the center of the room is an imperous desk of melkior seven mahgony, with a rather unremarkable man sitting in a throne like chair behind it. “So you’re the ruffians that are inturpting my buisness. What do you mongrels want?”
[9:21:47 PM] Messiah: Messiah smiles sweetly and looks around.
[9:22:28 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula smiles and wriggle out of her coat “You should probably be more polite! We wanna help.” She’s obviously inhumanish now. Her ‘hair’ needed room to breathe
[9:23:09 PM] Slick: Slick nods toward thin air.
[9:23:20 PM] Hajime: Well, wow. Nice place. Hajime strides in confidently, looking around as if he were the kind of man who can truly appreciate this place. “Hello, Mr Ivanov. I’m Thomas Linus, head of Task Force Zatesh. We are here to ask a few questions. Nothing major, and no, this is not a sign that you are being accused of anything. We need your help.”
[9:23:23 PM] Messiah: Messiah smiles and nods towards the same area.
[9:23:50 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick suddenly tenses, and nudged Haj.
[9:23:54 PM] Slick: Slick moves, arm in arm with Messiah and Lula, toward one corner behind Hajime. Patrick can have the other.
[9:24:01 PM] Storyteller: Piotr recoils from Lula. “I don’t care. Just want you gone as soon as possible.”
[9:24:12 PM] Hajime: Hajime looks towards Patrick curiously.
[9:25:02 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick stares pointedly at the area behind the man’s chair, looks towards his own weapons, trying to convey ‘be ready to fight’
[9:25:35 PM] Hajime: Hajime shifts his stance slightly, focusing on the feeling of his bracers against his skin, ready to set them off. “I see. Well, if you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ll know there was a press conference held two days ago that was unceremoniously blown up by a Genics junkie.”
[9:26:02 PM] Storyteller: Piotr glares at Patrick. “Don’t even think about it child. My Master will have your head if you start a fight.”
[9:26:08 PM] Hajime: “I’m not talking about a random thug jacked up with superstrength, I’m talking superpowers. The real deal.”
[9:26:33 PM] Seda Lula: “It was very very bad! We would like to make it not happen again~” Lula stretches her arms, her tentacles joining in the motions “So maybe you know stuff, right~?”
[9:26:42 PM] Messiah: Messiah looks rather unfocused.
[9:26:56 PM] Hajime: “So we were wondering who could have provided him with that, and we had a chat with Tracy Weissmann. We think you might be able to point us in the right direction.”
[9:26:58 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick glares back at Piotr.
[9:26:58 PM] Storyteller: “It wasn’t us. We lost our last Flamer batch in unfortunate accident .”
[9:27:35 PM] Storyteller: “And I very much doubt you mongrels talked with Tracy.”
[9:28:01 PM] Seda Lula: “We did!” Lula stomps her foot “She turned into a wind and laughed at us”
[9:28:10 PM] Storyteller: “Your still alive.”
[9:28:25 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick tenses, the itching feeling in his mind telling him to prepare for violence.
[9:28:25 PM] Storyteller: “That suggests otherwise.”
[9:28:28 PM] Hajime: Hajime smiles. “And that should tell you to take us seriously.”
[9:29:26 PM] Storyteller: Sweat rolls down Piotr’s forhead. “Take the words of liars seriously? What do you want, so I can be rid of you pests?”
[9:29:50 PM] Patrick Alden: At
[9:30:00 PM] Hajime: "We want to know how you lost your batch of “flamers.” Who could have had access to it. Everything."
[9:30:04 PM] Patrick Alden: ‘liars’, Patrick nearly snarls
[9:30:12 PM] Hajime: “What happened here, Piotr? What is it you don’t want to tell us?”
[9:30:39 PM] Hajime: Hajime leans in, trying his best at intimidation.
[9:30:59 PM | Edited 9:31:33 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula strides up to the desk, visibly angry, slamming jade-covered fists down “You are annoying me. We have spoken with Tracy and she is rude and you are rude and PLEASE just answer the questions.” her tentacles angrily thrash.
[9:31:34 PM | Edited 9:31:45 PM] Storyteller: “An unforunate lab accidant, nothing more. One of the materials blew up, and took the batch with it. Quite unfortunate, given how much Flamer is worth.”
[9:33:24 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick surreptitiously begins readying himself for combat, slowly moving his hand towards the silvery baton at his belt.
[9:33:45 PM] Patrick Alden: Seriously, he’s trying to be sneak
[9:33:47 PM] Patrick Alden: y
[9:34:10 PM] Storyteller: “Look there really is nothing more to it! I don’t-”
A sharp bang suddenly interupts the converstion. Theres a pause in the conversation for a second, followed by several muffled rapid barks. Those of you with military experience recognize it as gun fire. A second later a holographic dispay pops open, revealing a harried looking security guard. “Sir! We’re uder att-” He is cut as a loud crash shakes the building, cuasing the lights to flicker and hologram to scramble then dissapear. Piotr jumps to his feet. “Sgt. Buckly? BUCKLY!” He tap several more buttons, causing more holographic displays to appear. “Cirrus, what in Malfeas’s name did your men let loose-” “Not the time for that boss!” Cirrus’s picture appears on the screen, while a wavering line below indicates when he’s speaking. “Some nut bar drove a pair of tour buses through the gates, and the busses where full of gun weilding zombies. Then some fucker sarted throwing shipping containers filled with more zombies into the compound. And just to top it off, there’s fucking snipers in the area.” In the background, gunfire can be heard over the feed, echoing what could be heard in reality. “I’m heading down to help kill everything. Get down to the lower levels and makes sure nothing gets out. Cirrus out.” With that the feed cuts, leaving Piotr gaping like a gutted fish.
[9:35:02 PM] Hajime: “…zombies. What Ever the hell.”
[9:35:04 PM] Slick: “…we’ll wait.”
[9:35:09 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula starts sprinting. The ground shatters under her feet, the sheer force of her leap through the window breaking the ground beneath.
[9:35:12 PM] Seda Lula: And she’s gone
[9:35:14 PM] Slick: “You have mroe urgent-”
[9:35:26 PM] Hajime: “Lula no!”
[9:35:28 PM] Slick: “Well. Some of us will help.”
[9:35:29 PM] Patrick Alden: “For the love of-” Patrick snarls, staring after the missing Lunar
[9:35:30 PM] Hajime: “Oh god dammit.”
[9:35:49 PM] Patrick Alden: “Should we go after her?” he asks, drawing the baton and extending it
[9:35:49 PM] Messiah: “Zombies. Really.” Messiah’s voice sounds oddly hollow.
[9:35:53 PM] Slick: Slick sighs. “He said the magic k words: ‘kill everything’.”
[9:36:44 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel scurries out and transforms. “We need to get Piotr out of here.”
[9:36:54 PM] Hajime: “Zombies mean necromancers. Necromancer means, probably, Celestial Exalt. Possibly Abyssal. Especially if they wield freaking guns. This situation is unpredictable. Piotr, you’re coming with us.”
[9:37:26 PM | Edited 9:37:42 PM] Storyteller: Piotr recoverrs somewhat. “Yes! We need to get to the lower levels, lock it down!”
[9:38:07 PM] Patrick Alden: “Abyssal?!” Patrick snarles, and seems like he wants to charge after Lula.
[9:38:10 PM] Ilalel: “Should we divide out team then? Lula may be fine on her own but…”
[9:38:44 PM] Messiah: “Yes, that would be a good idea.”
[9:39:01 PM] Slick: “Patrick go with Lula.”
[9:39:02 PM] Storyteller: “No you should all stay with me! That freak will be fine on her own!”
[9:39:08 PM] Hajime: “We’re not leaving Lula alone, she’s uncontrolable and more vulnerable than she thinks. Who can go with her?”
[9:39:09 PM] Slick: “I’ll keep an eye on Messiah.”
[9:39:16 PM] Hajime: “Patrick, are you good with the undead?”
[9:39:22 PM] Patrick Alden: “Yes,”
[9:39:28 PM] Slick: “Hajime, Ilalel, that leaves you. Any preferences?”
[9:39:31 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick says, a grim smile on his face
[9:39:53 PM] Ilalel: “I’ll escort Piotr.”
[9:40:14 PM] Storyteller: “You aren’t seriously giving that freak priortory over me!”
[9:40:34 PM] Hajime: “I’m a fighter, but I’m no good when everyone is shooting at me from a hundred yards. Piotr, SHUT UP. I’m going with him.”
[9:41:07 PM] Patrick Alden: “I’m giving the undead HORDE priority over you,” Patrick snarls!
[9:41:22 PM] Slick: “Right. Go on.”
[9:41:40 PM] Slick: Slick guides Messiah to sit down in a corner, and sits next to her.
[9:41:44 PM] Storyteller: “Fine! See if I care if some behmoth gets loose and eats you!”
[9:42:01 PM] Ilalel: “Piotr. Lead us to where we need to go.”
[9:42:10 PM] Slick: “Piotr, Piotr.” Slick gestures at Ilalel and Hajime. “They’ve got you covered.”
[9:42:18 PM] Slick: “Some of us to one challenge, some to the other.”
[9:42:32 PM] Slick: “Now go, before the lower levels are breached!”
[9:42:43 PM] Storyteller: Piotr stomps off to the door.
[9:42:56 PM] Messiah: Messiah sits, leaning her head back.
[9:43:01 PM] Patrick Alden: Patrick runs out the exit that Lula made, leaping down towards the horde
[9:44:10 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel runs after him.
[9:47:51 PM] Ilalel: (( Him being Piotr ))
[10:00:48 PM] Storyteller: (Scene end)



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