The Zatesh Chronicles

Scene 4

Everyone together!

So everyone’s together, and Patrick has something a culture shock. They get to the Lebanc Medical Center, and Piotr is obviously keeping secrets… and then the zombies arrive.

Important bit:
A sharp bang suddenly interupts the converstion. Theres a pause in the conversation for a second, followed by several muffled rapid barks. Those of you with military experience recognize it as gun fire. A second later a holographic dispay pops open, revealing a harried looking security guard. “Sir! We’re uder att-” He is cut as a loud crash shakes the building, cuasing the lights to flicker and hologram to scramble then dissapear. Piotr jumps to his feet. “Sgt. Buckly? BUCKLY!” He tap several more buttons, causing more holographic displays to appear. “Cirrus, what in Malfeas’s name did your men let loose-” “Not the time for that boss!” Cirrus’s picture appears on the screen, while a wavering line below indicates when he’s speaking. “Some nut bar drove a pair of tour buses through the gates, and the busses where full of gun weilding zombies. Then some fucker sarted throwing shipping containers filled with more zombies into the compound. And just to top it off, there’s fucking snipers in the area.” In the background, gunfire can be heard over the feed, echoing what could be heard in reality. “I’m heading down to help kill everything. Get down to the lower levels and makes sure nothing gets out. Cirrus out.” With that the feed cuts, leaving Piotr gaping like a gutted fish.

Group has split in three:
Lula, and Pat are in zombie fight.

Slick and Ley are offering computer and fire support for both teams.

Haj and Ila are with Piotr.



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