The Zatesh Chronicles

Scene 3, full log

Meeting the Gang Queen

The docks are silent as the moon glares down accross the water.
((OOC: post as to how your arriving. Default is your a few wharehouses away from where your meeting Tracy Weissmann.)
[18/07/2013 6:41:34 PM] Slick: Slick drifts in, invisible on a seemingly-abandoned rowboat on well-mapped currents, on course to gently beach itself between piers.
[18/07/2013 6:43:05 PM] Hajime: Hajime approaches, full of the confidence of his assumed identity. For once his bracers are not concealed – he wears them visibly as a warning sign. A ways away from the rendezvous point, he stops, looking at his teammates.
[18/07/2013 6:43:12 PM] Hajime: “All right. Are we all ready for this?”
[18/07/2013 6:43:20 PM] Seda Lula: Something is in the sea. Something large. Something deadly. Something that sheds its skin with an unlight from beneath the waves, changing to a more comfortable shape that hauls itself from the sea. Nothing more than the smiling Lula, happy at last that she can swim for a time.
[18/07/2013 6:45:00 PM] Slick: Slick draws a “Y” in the dust where Hajime can see, but most onlookers can not.
[18/07/2013 6:45:28 PM] Hajime: “Seda,” Haj welcomes her with a nod. “Enjoyed your swim?”
[18/07/2013 6:46:02 PM] Messiah: Messiah pretty well just drives up because she doesn’t need to worry about parking spaces. What a jerk.
[18/07/2013 6:46:45 PM] Seda Lula: “Yessssss yessssssssssss~! Sooooo much~! Now we go to war soon, yes? Hopefully not too soon. I had to catch dinners. Would you like some? I found cod~!” She holds up a dead fish. Bitten, dead, fish.
[18/07/2013 6:47:25 PM] Ilalel: “So… I will be infiltrating with you posing as your scarf?”
[18/07/2013 6:47:48 PM] Hajime: “Remember, Lula. We only fight if she strikes first. Or, well, if I give the order. This could end without violence… Let’s hope.”
[18/07/2013 6:48:36 PM] Messiah: Messiah parks, gets out, and stares at part of her very fancy artifact car very hard for several moments, before it’s reduced to…

Just a freaking gem.
[18/07/2013 6:48:39 PM] Hajime: Hajime dreads the prospect of fighting the older Scourge, and does not relish the thought of violence. And yet… Getting the world rid of Tracy Weissmann wouldn’t really be something that would weigh on his conscience.
[18/07/2013 6:48:55 PM] Hajime: “Impressive car. Made it yourself?”
[18/07/2013 6:49:16 PM] Messiah: “Worked on it, but it’s just a touch outside my capabilities.”
[18/07/2013 6:49:28 PM] Slick: “Yes, and keep it down,” the nothingness whispers in Ilalel’s ear.
[18/07/2013 6:49:52 PM] Hajime: “As Slick’s scarf, actually. He should be around here somewhere.”
[18/07/2013 6:50:30 PM] Ilalel: “Yes, that was what I meant…”
[18/07/2013 6:50:46 PM] Seda Lula: “But I want to war! They are wicked, no? They are bad! They should be torn apart and left to turn like leather in sun and salt!” Lula looks extremely passionate about her style of war…
[18/07/2013 6:51:17 PM] Messiah: “Yes, and while I’d love to carpet bomb the entire area to cover it up, that looks horrible to the media.”
[18/07/2013 6:51:32 PM] Seda Lula: “What’s a media?”
[18/07/2013 6:51:37 PM] Slick: “There are ways stronger than war,” the thin air mutters just loud enough.
[18/07/2013 6:52:16 PM] Hajime: “Basically Lula, we need to make sure the stories people tell about us are heroic stories of people saving the world.”
[18/07/2013 6:52:34 PM | Edited 6:52:48 PM] Ilalel: “Lula, I have a question. How do you move a bolder too heavy for you to lift, and too strong for you to break?”
[18/07/2013 6:53:08 PM] Seda Lula: “Become stronger~! Throw it at my enemies!”
[18/07/2013 6:53:37 PM] Hajime: Hajime looks at Ilalel, intrigued by the question. “You find others to help you move it?”
[18/07/2013 6:54:07 PM] Seda Lula: She still smiles, looking at Hajime with a gaze that says “oh you silly” “But Hajime, that is heroic, isn’t it? Then they can see what happens to the bad and rejoice!”
[18/07/2013 6:54:22 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel pauses. “That is one possible solution.”
[18/07/2013 6:56:15 PM] Hajime: “It’s… Not the kind of heroism people like these days.”
[18/07/2013 6:56:30 PM] Hajime: “They prefer comfort and saviors and peace.”
[18/07/2013 6:57:40 PM] Seda Lula: “…. but peace is won through war. When you crush your foes so that they are no more. And then you tell the tale of your victory and their wickedness and all are happy and peace is that. Until the next war…” Poor girl, a bit confused by the whole idea it seems.
[18/07/2013 6:57:56 PM] Hajime: “…though my guess is that they wouldn’t mind if we murdered a terrorrist or known criminal with a lot of blood.”
[18/07/2013 6:59:19 PM] Hajime: “So point is; no one will mind if people find Weissmann dead tomorrow. I’m concerned about our own safety, that’s all. I don’t want anyone dying on my watch.”
[18/07/2013 7:01:11 PM] Hajime: “All right. We’re going in ready for a fight, but not looking for one. With two of us as invisible back-up, we’re safer than we appear.”
[18/07/2013 7:01:23 PM] Hajime: “Shall we go?”
[18/07/2013 7:04:25 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel shrinks down into a long fluffy thing.
[18/07/2013 7:06:18 PM] Slick: Slick snatches Ilalel up midair, and now there are indeed two invisible Exalts present. That the party knows of.
[18/07/2013 7:07:31 PM] Messiah: “Alright, let’s go.” Messiah nodded.
[18/07/2013 7:08:03 PM] Seda Lula: “So… no fighting… yet. Then fighting, probably. I will stand behind Hajime and… how say… um… Look Pretty! Yes.” A dramatic pose for a very simple task.
[18/07/2013 7:08:17 PM] Messiah: “That works.”
[18/07/2013 7:09:51 PM] Slick: Slick may or may not be posing in mockery. Ah, the joys of lack of consequences.
[18/07/2013 7:12:14 PM | Edited 7:12:23 PM] Storyteller: As you head into the wharehouse where the meeting is at, the area is utterly still. The doors to the wharehouse are open, reaveling the back of a women dressed in white leather. Without turning around, she asks, “So, you shitheads the ones Klaus said wanted to meet me?”
[18/07/2013 7:12:49 PM] Hajime: “…we are the Zatesh task force, yes,” Hajime answers in a whisper.
[18/07/2013 7:14:12 PM | Edited 7:14:19 PM] Storyteller: “I don’t fucking care.” She turns around. “What do you want? I’ve got shit to do.”
[18/07/2013 7:14:58 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula looks at her with a quiet and naive gaze. Though there is tension in her. Shoulder’s up, body far from relax, spoiling for the chance to do what she does best
[18/07/2013 7:15:28 PM] Messiah: Messiah watches Tracy carefully, eyes lidded.
[18/07/2013 7:16:05 PM] Hajime: “Simple. You watchin’ the news? Someone blew up our big public announcement. He was hooked on Genics. We want to find who supplied him. You can help us with that. I’m sure we can figure out a deal.”
[18/07/2013 7:18:29 PM] Storyteller: “The fuck would I watch the news for?” She growls, eyeing the two women nearby. Red light glints around her twitching hands for a second. “And my shits sell a lot of genics. Gonna need to be more specific, shitstain.”
[18/07/2013 7:19:59 PM] Hajime: Hajime doesn’t mind insults. Thomas Linus does. Eye twitches, hands tighten. “He was throwing fire, and had a burning aura, like a Dragon-Blood. Made him all fragile, too; I snapped him like a twig. That ring any bells to you?”
[18/07/2013 7:20:18 PM] Hajime: “Talked about purging the corruption, too, whatever that means.”
[18/07/2013 7:20:23 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula simply smiles nodding to back up Hajime, not trusting her own voice
[18/07/2013 7:21:04 PM] Messiah: Messiah continues watching through bored eyes.
[18/07/2013 7:23:03 PM | Edited 7:23:11 PM] Storyteller: “Fucked if know.” Tracy replies, clearly not caring. “But if it was fire, it wasn’t us. Fucking Piotr ran outta the shit months ago. Said he’d have it up and running agian soon though.”
[18/07/2013 7:23:37 PM] Hajime: “…any idea who sells fire Genics, then?”
[18/07/2013 7:24:22 PM] Hajime: This is going better than expected. In the sense that it is possible that this conversation ends without bloodshed. Haj would almost feel sorry for Lula.
[18/07/2013 7:25:03 PM] Storyteller: “Nobody fuck’n alive.”
[18/07/2013 7:25:44 PM] Storyteller: “Unless its the shitstains that escaped form Piotr’s labs.”
[18/07/2013 7:26:27 PM] Hajime: “What kinda shitstains? You got people stealing your merchandise?”
[18/07/2013 7:29:29 PM] Storyteller: “Nobody fucking stupid enough to try. Some of his experimental cunts got loose apparently. Probably where burner came from.” She shrugs. “Ask him about the fuckup. I’ve just got to clean his fucking mess up. Fucker.”
[18/07/2013 7:30:10 PM] Hajime: “Where can we find him? We’ll probably end up cleaning it for you, if it’s the people we’re looking for.”
[18/07/2013 7:30:20 PM] Hajime: (“him” being Piotr)
[18/07/2013 7:30:45 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula ‘s smile doesn’t stop. But its changed from sweet to more… a falsehood of sweet. Her body langauge continues to beg for the chance to break the dear Scourge’s legs. And arms. And then the fingers, perhaps.
[18/07/2013 7:31:25 PM] Storyteller: “Excuse me!? Are suggesting fighting my fucking fights for me!?” She’s gone whipcord tense, lips peeled back to bare teeth.
[18/07/2013 7:32:28 PM] Messiah: “Of course not.” Messiah has a rather silibant whisper.
[18/07/2013 7:32:40 PM] Messiah: “Merely suggesting we might be able to speed up the process.”
[18/07/2013 7:32:42 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula squares up. Raised fists. Ready pose. Come now. Shed blood.
[18/07/2013 7:33:07 PM] Hajime: “…no. That’s not what I meant.” Hajime doesn’t want to fight. Linus is an arrogant braggard. The persona and the person are in conflict. He tries to find a middle way.“Just we have interests in common. Looking for the same people.”
[18/07/2013 7:33:17 PM | Edited 7:33:22 PM] Storyteller: “Pity. I’d have to give you new fuckholes if you were.”
[18/07/2013 7:34:06 PM] Hajime: “So. Can you tell us where to find Piotr?”
[18/07/2013 7:34:14 PM] Messiah: “As interesting as that process might be, I’m afraid we’ll have to decline that service.”
[18/07/2013 7:37:08 PM | Edited 7:37:27 PM] Storyteller: She chuckles, heyena like. “It’s fun. I’ll be happy to demonstrate some time.” She leers at Lula. “Maybe on the sweet young thing that thinks shes fucking threatening?” She breaks out into a short, insane laugh. “You can find Piotr at the Leblanc Medical Research Center. But don’t get in my fucking way, or kill whats mine.”
[18/07/2013 7:38:41 PM] Hajime: Hajime breaths out slowly. It’s almost over. “Thanks. We’ll be on our way, then.” He looks warily at Lula, then at Ley, and, after a half-second of hesitation, turns his back to Tracy to exit the warehouse.
[18/07/2013 7:39:40 PM] Hajime: Hajime stops, suddenly, on his way to the door. Twitches. It’s a bad idea. He can’t help it. “…I’d like it better if you didn’t threaten my teammates, next time, Tracy.”
[18/07/2013 7:41:05 PM] Messiah: Messiah half turns towards him, though she doesn’t take her eyes off of Tracy.
[18/07/2013 7:41:48 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula , who had been following Hajime, promptly spins on her heels, gleeful look on her face. And but a few words of seatongue, whispered from many mouths. “Vou quebar voce~”
[18/07/2013 7:42:09 PM] Slick: Slick slowly lets his hand collapse into a cannon. Not with the intent of shooting, but keeping a close eye on Tracy and any of her flunkies he can see, looking for the slightest hint of reaction to betray that they can see him.
[18/07/2013 7:49:36 PM] Storyteller: She laughs. “Ah, poor widdle boy.” Her face hardens. “Grow the fuck up. I’m not stupid enough to fight you all with you ready and planned for it. Or did you think I didn’t hear you planning, our you invisble shitpiles over there?” She jerks her head at the invisble duo. “Next time I see you all, I’ll kill you.” An estatic grin slides across her face. “Try not to let me blow your loads out to fast. Later.”
And with that she dispears out the door, leaving after images and a shockwave in her wake.
(OOC: ([Dexterity or Stamina] + [Athletics or Resistance]) roll, please)
[18/07/2013 7:50:45 PM] Slick: (( 7d10: 1 4 3 8 6 7 9 (Successes: 3) ))
[18/07/2013 7:51:09 PM] Messiah: [ 3d10: 8 5 3 [1 success] ]
[18/07/2013 7:52:12 PM | Edited 7:52:43 PM] Hajime: ((9d10 → [5,3,4,9,10,4,6,1,9] = (51), +4 sux from Athletics Excellency, total 8 sux))
[18/07/2013 7:53:05 PM] Ilalel: (( how do you roll on skype? ))
[18/07/2013 7:53:13 PM] Messiah: [you use a roller online]
[18/07/2013 7:53:32 PM] Ilalel: (( Right! ))
[18/07/2013 7:53:55 PM] Ilalel: (( AmineNekuchan: 7d10: 10 5 8 7 9 5 2 (Successes: 5) ))
[18/07/2013 7:54:19 PM] Hajime: ((Lula spends 5m on StaEx, 11d10 → [7,4,4,10,3,4,3,3,9,5,9] = (61) = 5 sux))
[18/07/2013 7:55:23 PM | Edited 7:55:53 PM] Storyteller: Messiah is knocked down, and Slick stumbles from the blast. Everyone else is unaffected.
[18/07/2013 7:55:56 PM] Messiah: Messiah curses up a blue streak.
[18/07/2013 7:56:06 PM] Slick: Slick ripples into visibility.
[18/07/2013 7:56:32 PM] Messiah: Messiah wants you to do WHAT to her HUH?!
[18/07/2013 7:56:34 PM] Hajime: Hajime seems to stumble a bit, but find his balance and the shockwave simply ruffles his hair. “Well. Quite the encounter. At least we know where to look, now.”
[18/07/2013 7:57:02 PM] Messiah: … Messiah the Black Emperor doesn’t /have/ a mother to do that to-
[18/07/2013 7:58:24 PM] Slick: “So she can see through it. Should have known.”
[18/07/2013 7:58:51 PM] Hajime: "Don’t think it’s sight. Remember the whole “you have to whisper” thing? She has crazy hearing."
[18/07/2013 7:59:03 PM] Hajime: “I wouldn’t be surprised if she could hear you breathe and move.”
[18/07/2013 7:59:04 PM] Messiah: Messiah gets up and dusts herself off, still muttering curses. It’s probably unhealthy to do that to a sheep, and is certainly unhealthy to do to a chicken.
[18/07/2013 7:59:11 PM] Slick: “Possible. So. Leblanc now, or later?”
[18/07/2013 8:00:39 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel crawls off Slick and reforms. “Either way.”
[18/07/2013 8:00:48 PM] Hajime: “Anyone got a cellphone with a map application? i’d like to know how far it is.”
[18/07/2013 8:01:03 PM] Messiah: Messiah tilts her head. TO GOOGLE.
[18/07/2013 8:01:30 PM] Ilalel: “I suppose we should have know a Green Sun Price could see through such a ploy. She even knew there were two of us.” She pulls out her smartphone.
[18/07/2013 8:01:41 PM | Edited 8:01:56 PM] Slick: “No need for a cellphone.” Slick’s doing the same thing.
[18/07/2013 8:02:03 PM] Messiah: Messiah taps beside her bad eye. “We’ve got it up here.”
[18/07/2013 8:02:16 PM] Hajime: “She also knew she was outmatched. So that’s… Actually a frightening prospect. I’d expected her to be completely insane, but if she knows when to pick her fights…” Haj ponders these news.
[18/07/2013 8:02:42 PM | Edited 8:03:27 PM] Messiah: “Sounds like a roadtrip, so we’ll need to pack. Or flight, I suppose.”
[18/07/2013 8:02:48 PM] Ilalel: “Either that or we posed a social threat to her if she killed us.”
[18/07/2013 8:02:54 PM] Messiah: “And Lula will need a small form that can deal with land and fast speeds.”
[18/07/2013 8:03:10 PM] Slick: “She could guess she was outmatched.”
[18/07/2013 8:03:28 PM] Slick: “Anyway. It’s a trip.”
[18/07/2013 8:03:33 PM | Edited 8:03:45 PM] Slick: “Far side of Meruvia.”
[18/07/2013 8:03:49 PM] Slick: “We’ll need to book a flight.”
[18/07/2013 8:03:57 PM] Hajime: “No road trip. We’re taking a plane to the nearest city, then taking the car from there. I think the place is in the mountains?”
[18/07/2013 8:04:09 PM] Ilalel: “I can find a greyhound easily for her to assume the form of.”
[18/07/2013 8:04:23 PM] Messiah: “Lula’s still gonna need a small form. Lula if you eat Empress I will have your guts for garters.”
[18/07/2013 8:04:30 PM] Messiah: “no greyhounds.”
[18/07/2013 8:04:36 PM] Messiah: “The car fits three people.”
[18/07/2013 8:04:38 PM] Slick: “Let me log on to the administrative server and make arrangements.” Slick does so.
[18/07/2013 8:04:55 PM] Messiah: “Something small.”
[18/07/2013 8:05:19 PM] Ilalel: “Greyhounds are smallish… DO you mean more like a mouse or bug?”
[18/07/2013 8:05:31 PM] Messiah: “Cat.”
[18/07/2013 8:05:56 PM] Messiah: “Hence my comment about Empress.”
[18/07/2013 8:06:38 PM] Hajime: Hajime nods. “We’ll find you a cat. Shouldn’t take more than an hour. We meet at the airport in the morning?”
[18/07/2013 8:06:53 PM] Messiah: “Works for me.”
[18/07/2013 8:08:04 PM] Slick: “Private terminal.”
[18/07/2013 8:08:10 PM] Slick: “South end.”
[18/07/2013 8:08:30 PM] Slick: Slick smiles. “Private charters mean skipping the line.”
[18/07/2013 8:08:48 PM] Slick: “Any of us a pilot, or do I request one?”
[18/07/2013 8:08:59 PM] Hajime: “What Slick says. Let’s not split up until we’re away from this place, though. I don’t feel safe here. Ilalel, do you want to take Lula hunting?”
[18/07/2013 8:09:20 PM] Messiah: “You brilliant bastard. I can handle the car, but I haven’t tried for a pilot’s liscence.”
[18/07/2013 8:09:20 PM] Ilalel: “I can.”
[18/07/2013 8:09:47 PM | Edited 8:10:00 PM] Messiah: Sigh. “If anyone needs a ride home that’s fine, but after this trip I’mma eventually ask you guys for an hour of prayer each. Car’s a fussbudget.”
[18/07/2013 8:09:56 PM] Ilalel: “It would probably be easier because I can assume an animal form and lure out a stray wihtout Lula making a scene.”
[18/07/2013 8:13:06 PM] Hajime: “Good. You do that. Lula, you’re with Ilalel tonight. She’ll bring you to the airport first thing tomorrow morning.”
[18/07/2013 8:13:08 PM] Seda Lula: “…. I have a smallish form…” Her skin falls off. There’s quite a lot of muscle before new skin grows. Small apparently means some kind of tiger with almost hoof-like toes."
[18/07/2013 8:13:52 PM] Hajime: “…that won’t do.”
[18/07/2013 8:13:56 PM] Slick: “Alright, I’ll ask for a pilot.”
[18/07/2013 8:14:40 PM] Ilalel: “Around the size of my centipede form is what you need.”
[18/07/2013 8:14:43 PM] Messiah: “Lula.” Ley gets out the car. “Three people can fit in this. I’m bringing Empress and Ilalel can do something. I need you to fit on someone’s lap.”
[18/07/2013 8:15:23 PM] Seda Lula: There is a strange giggle-growl as she plods off towards the dock, huge smilodon fangs and webbed hooves lending a strange look all together. A fanged mouth opens on the tail “I hunt myself~ No worries~”
[18/07/2013 8:15:51 PM] Messiah: “Fish won’t work either.”
[18/07/2013 8:16:28 PM] Ilalel: “Would you please do me the honor of helping you pick an appropriate form?”
[18/07/2013 8:17:10 PM] Slick: Slick moves out of the warehouse, looking around but trying to keep it casual.
[18/07/2013 8:18:01 PM] Seda Lula: The mouth is gone, and the strange tiger beast is in the water, swimming away. And then beneath the waves.
[18/07/2013 8:19:40 PM] Ilalel: “Should I follow?”
[18/07/2013 8:20:00 PM] Slick: “Probably.”
[18/07/2013 8:20:03 PM] Hajime: Hajime sighs and shrugs. “…if you can catch up with her. I’m going home. To sleep.”
[18/07/2013 8:20:26 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel starts to transform into something vaguely fish-like and jumps into the water.
[18/07/2013 8:21:23 PM] Slick: “Meet you at the airport.” And Slick is gone – not invisible, just naturally fading into the shadows.
[18/07/2013 8:21:57 PM] Messiah: “Yeah, I’m getting out of here. You gonna be okay?”
[18/07/2013 8:22:11 PM] Ilalel: (( angler fish form! With some extra swim speed from her HBA and MOE ))
[18/07/2013 8:23:27 PM] Seda Lula: Taipre-Iauara, the Water-Tiger.
[18/07/2013 8:23:30 PM] Hajime: "Yeah. I’ll just never get used to dealing with people who have such an obvious “I am going to kill you” attitude. But i’ll deal."
[18/07/2013 8:24:54 PM | Edited 8:25:03 PM] Storyteller: The next morning:
[18/07/2013 8:26:16 PM | Edited 8:26:24 PM] Storyteller: In front of a pet store in Eagle’s Launch, several hours before the plane leaves.
[18/07/2013 8:26:17 PM | Removed 8:26:27 PM] Slick: This message has been removed.
[18/07/2013 8:26:59 PM] Messiah: Messiah has Empress draped over one shoulder. Naturally she has to keep an arm up or the kitty fusses at her.
[18/07/2013 8:27:51 PM] Hajime: Hajime is is same usual self, though more rested and confident now that he hasn’t had to watch over Lula for a night and it’s not night in a creepy warehouse anymore. Things are lookin’ good!
[18/07/2013 8:28:13 PM] Seda Lula: There is a handsome, if rough young man. Ratlike is perhaps the way to describe him. Ratlike and in full Zatesh uniform, looking akward in his own skin. How close he stays to the much younger man. “Hajime this is weird. I don’t have my hair.”
[18/07/2013 8:28:56 PM | Edited 8:29:03 PM] Hajime: “…and that is the weirdest thing to you right now. Really. Lula, did you eat someone?”
[18/07/2013 8:29:09 PM] Slick: A construction worker – or maybe a city surveyor? – in safety orange slowly moseys down the other side of the street. A car passes, blocking him from view, and he is gone again.
[18/07/2013 8:29:19 PM] Ilalel: “…Eating people is frowned upon, Lula…”
[18/07/2013 8:29:50 PM] Seda Lula: “He wanted to stab me. I responded in kind. And I only ate him when I was a saika to get rid of the body because Father Manta was very clear that just leaving a SINGLE corpses is bad”
[18/07/2013 8:30:01 PM] Messiah: “You should listen to them. Even if they tell me explosives aren’t the solution to everything.”
[18/07/2013 8:30:21 PM] Hajime: “Well, if he wanted to stab you, then that’s okay. I guess.”
[18/07/2013 8:30:42 PM] Ilalel: “Lula, because you are strong, that means you have a responcibility to treat those much weaker than yourself differently.”
[18/07/2013 8:31:01 PM] Hajime: Hajime does not think it’s really okay, but self-defense is legal.
[18/07/2013 8:31:35 PM | Edited 8:31:40 PM] Hajime: "And when she says differently, she does not mean “like toys.”"
[18/07/2013 8:32:52 PM] Seda Lula: “Hold your hand out Ilalel. I will show you the diffrence between what I do with a friend and what I do to a stabber.” She holds out her own hand. Despite the leanness of the body, muscles that could-not-be buldge
[18/07/2013 8:33:23 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel holds out her hand.
[18/07/2013 8:33:53 PM] Messiah: “Are we gonna get the cat or not? And could you at least not get a kitten?” Empress chirps quietly enough an onlooker would likely think Messiah is the one speaking.
[18/07/2013 8:34:34 PM] Seda Lula: “Friend. Regular people. No one that hurts” Soft and gentle, a regular handshake. “Enemy.” And then there is pain. Crushing strength. The sort of power that could easily break the bones if she went further.
[18/07/2013 8:35:30 PM] Hajime: Hajime tilts his head, intrigued. “You think it is better to kill an animal that is in the fullness of its potential and intelligence and emotional capabilities, than a newborn that barely even knows its alive?”
[18/07/2013 8:36:38 PM] Messiah: “Yeah otherwise I’ll spend the trip mothering her.” “Cats also eat their young so…”
[18/07/2013 8:37:09 PM] Hajime: “Ah. I see. Apologies for assuming.”
[18/07/2013 8:38:23 PM] Messiah: “I should get you fixed.” “Don’t you dare.”
[18/07/2013 8:38:24 PM] Ilalel: Ilalel does her best to not react that much. “Lula, have you ever played a game? I mean before you became a Lunar.”
[18/07/2013 8:39:04 PM] Seda Lula: Seda Lula releases her grip “I didn’t have time. I was being taught. I was a story-dancer.”
[18/07/2013 8:40:54 PM | Edited 8:40:56 PM] Hajime: “We should play, sometimes. Games. I think that could help you understand people better.”
[18/07/2013 8:41:38 PM | Edited 8:41:47 PM] Ilalel: “I see. Perhaps I should teach you of games sometime. Well, on our trip I know a few I could teach you… but I’m not sure if tic-tac-toe, Squares, or rock-paper-scissors would keep your interest though…”
[18/07/2013 8:42:34 PM] Seda Lula: “I can show you some story-dance!” She… no he, at the moment, jumps happily in place “Are we flying now or no? Yes? Yes no?”
[18/07/2013 8:43:25 PM] Ilalel: “That’s only fair. If desire you to learn of our culture, we should learn of yours as well.”
[18/07/2013 8:43:41 PM] Slick: “First, your cat.” …where did Slick come from? “But not here. In the alley.”
[18/07/2013 8:45:06 PM] Messiah: “Yes.”
[18/07/2013 8:45:25 PM] Slick: Slick leads the way.
[18/07/2013 8:45:43 PM] Seda Lula: “Cat? But I already got a small thing.”
[18/07/2013 8:46:07 PM] Slick: “Pet shop cats live a while. Shelters? Euthanize if no one adopts after a period of time. This one was to die today anyway.” Slick gestures down the alley.
[18/07/2013 8:46:23 PM] Slick: “At least I’ve given him a last meal.”
[18/07/2013 8:46:49 PM] Messiah: “Okay. I’d rather not watch, thank you.”

… Messiah you give no fucks about blowing people up-
[18/07/2013 8:47:04 PM] Seda Lula: “Oh… Oh this one needs a good death. I will give it.” He bows and strides down to the dark. “Poor thing… There will be a good death. No worries.”
[18/07/2013 8:47:21 PM] Slick: “Figured, Messiah. Keep a lookout outside the alley, please?”
[18/07/2013 8:47:47 PM] Messiah: “Can do.”

Empress rumbles and moves to actually sit on Messiah’s shoulder, rubbing against her head.
[18/07/2013 8:49:02 PM] Seda Lula: Into the alley. A small cooing sound. A sickening crack. A small flash of unlight. And a cat strolls out of the alley. No more no less.
[18/07/2013 8:49:30 PM] Ilalel: (( Oh god! the kitten killed Lula! ))
[18/07/2013 8:49:46 PM] Messiah: Leya crouches down and picks up the kitty! Two kitties. Kitty heaven. Yep.
[18/07/2013 8:52:05 PM] Seda Lula: “Meow~” The kitty goes a violent shade of teal, fur temporarily replaced with tendrils, eyes huge and yellow. And then its just a cat again. Black.
[18/07/2013 8:54:43 PM] Messiah: “…”
“Behave, kitten, she doesn’t carry just anyone you know.”
[18/07/2013 9:01:03 PM] Ilalel: * Centipede crawls up on top of Leya. (centipede face)
[18/07/2013 9:02:00 PM] Lohqua: “…” Leyah sighs. “Let me guess, I’m now your mighty steed.” Deadpan. Her shoulders are shaking with laughter though.



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